Led by ethereal vocals, broken beats and raw distortion, Linn Elisabet’s transgressive interpretation of techno imagines a future where double-binding societal norms have been dissolved. Driven by notions of freedom and self-shaped reality, their narratives strive to hold your hand while observing the storm of life from its eye, facing a world more vast than we dared to imagine. With a classically trained past in string orchestras and church choirs, it is given where their soundscape as well as their fascination for existentialism was born.

Having released with acclaimed labels like Planet Rhythm and A R T S, Linn launched their own imprint Acts Of Rebellion in 2020. The label expands on Elisabet’s mission: releasing alternative dance music challenging the border of genre conventions and traditional functionality, as well as the destructive policies that hold underground dance back from its original cause.

Acts Of Rebellion

Acts of Rebellion releases emotively intense techno and alternative dance music, questioning the border of genre conventions and traditional functionality. By fiercely representing diverse and transgressive expressions, the label aims to dissolve the mirages of destructive policies that hold underground dance back from its original cause.


Complemented with its non-musical augmented reality storytelling, Acts of Rebellion can be considered a series of postal cards, demonstrating the challenges we all go through: on a macro-level as a society, and on a micro-level as individuals. Stories of unconditional self-respect and overcoming normative conditioning. Stories of reclaiming one's history and name, of shaping one's own reality. Stories of remembering love, and of Challenge bowing for its queen: fierce minds and hearts which are ready for anything.


Reay to move Beyond? Play the ACT004 feat. MIT-Y Online Game at www.actsofrebellion.se

Lectures & Coaching

With a background in cultural activism and norm critical pedagogy, Linn lectures and leads courses in music production, music business and creative empowerment since 2017, for local Swedish universities, as well as clients like SAE Stockholm, Ableton, Electronic Music School Berlin and Popkollo.

Mixing & Mastering

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Yours lovingly, your eternal demi gender riot friend.